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Elastic Engineer Study


Elasticsearch Certified Engineer Learning Path

I have been learning Elastic over the last year in preparation for Elastic Consulting. The following is a description of the study I have done and the resources I have used. I put these together for Skillfield as a record of what I have done but thought it would be useful for anyone who is learning Elastic. I would especially recommend the book “Getting Started with the Elastic Stack 8” by Asjud Athick as it was a great introduction of how the Elastic stack was applied. I would also highly recommend the exam preparation course by A cloud guru.

Course Work

  1. Elastic Engineering Exam Description
  2. Listened to Elastic Exam video here
  3. Elastic Engineering Certification Training (Elastic Learning)
  4. Attended Elastic webinar on how to prepare for the Elastic Exam here
  5. Guido Lena Cota Elastic Exercises on Medium here
  6. Elastic Engineer Certified notes here. Great for exam preparation.
  7. Elastic Engineering Practice Exam (Elastic Learning)

After First Attempt at Exam

  1. Created a cluster on my local machine using virtual machines. I found parallels was required as my machine has the M1 chip.
    1. The cluster consisted of
      1. 1 VM elasticsearch and Kibana Installed
      2. 1 VM Filebeats node
    2. Ingest csv using FileBeat
    3. Ingeest csv with FileBeat with a conditional
  2. After significant issues with filebeat configuration, I moved to using Elastic Cloud.
    1. Ingested CSV using elastic cloud from Kaggle here.
    2. Created dashboards with rain through different months and plotted moving average against monthly rainfall data.
  3. Elastic Provided Ramp Up Tracker
  4. Elastic to Provide Learning Path including Google Cloud access to make my own cluster.


  1. Getting started with Elastic 8, Asjud Athick
    1. This book provided a great practical and approachable understanding of the content required.
  2. Elasticsearch in Action by “Radu Gheorghe, Matthew Lee Hinman, and Roy Russo”

Additional Courses

  1. Linux Administration Bootcamp
  2. Udemy Elastic Course “Elasticsearch 8 and the Elastic Stack: In Depth and Hands On”. This was due to my subscription not being ready in time. I did not end up using this all that much as it was similar to the official elastic course.

What worked

  • Video courses and coursework to get initial understanding.
  • Preparation for the Elastic Exam was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it.